Teatersalongen Pigalle, Nässjö

The Pigalle arts centre in Nässjö was built in 1963 in neo-functionalist style. In connection with an extensive renovation and expansion, its Teatersalongen theatre got a much-needed facelift. When chandeliers and other typical features of the day were eliminated in favour of modern technology, the 422 seats became the new bearers of the theatre’s elegance. Refurbished and reupholstered in bright blue velour, they contrast strikingly with the walnut-panelled walls.

With 422 chairs to refurbish and the premiere date set, delivery assurance is crucial. Delivering that much fabric on time is no easy task, especially during a recession when many companies have reduced their stores. Having that security was essential.

Leif Schenberg, Input Interior Design

CUSTOMER: Input Interiör, Bodafors.

TEXTILES: Luna CS, blå.