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Scandic Laholmen

Close to magnificent scenery and where the murmur of the ocean meets historic landmarks you will find the Scandic Laholmen hotel

Refurbishing the interiors of the hotel’s 171 rooms, during an ongoing pandemic, turned into a project with exceptional circumstances. 

The aim for the refurbishment was to draw inspiration from the surrounding environment. The interior and the choice of upholstery fabrics gives visitors a sense of the ocean and nature.“A modern interior featuring hard-wearing fabrics and earthy tones in a wide variety of textures.”

The choice of materials reflects a warm marine feel, which can be seen in the shades of turquoise and the brownish-yellow copper tones symbolizing earth and nature.

The object was to give guests a feeling of modern warmth in a classic style. An enduring feel, in terms of both time and durability of materials.

Collaboration is key 


“Exceptional times demand exceptional effort. The pandemic brought many challenges, but thanks to dedicated and extremely helpful hotel staff and local partners we completed the project on time.  Everyone involved has been on the ball. They have stepped in as needed and the flexibility offered by Nevotex was invaluable in getting 96 rooms refurbished in the prevailing circumstances. We are so pleased with all the work performed by our partners and with our own contribution, which has resulted in an interior featuring vibrant, quality materials.”
/Ewa Svensson, Concept Coordinator, Scandic Laholmen

CUSTOMER: W8 Design group, Scandic Laholmen.

UPHOLSTERY: Fabric Afrodite, Fabric Eros, Fabric Titan, Fabric Energy.
PHOTO: Meto Khazragi