Restaurant Blackstone Steakhouse


A unique dining experience with warmth, comfort and luxury…

Blackstone Steakhouse is located in ten locations in Sweden. The restaurants are operated as franchise. Interior and tonality aim for the same feeling and experience – a balance between hard and soft in mixed materials of brass, velvet, painted and industrial. Each location becomes unique when the choice of premises always manages to be a challenge.

“Feedback from many customers gives us trust within the material that we get the opportunity to work with. We want to enhance the overall experience when visiting Blackstone Steakhouse, both in taste and environment.  

At Nevotex we found the material that we felt we wanted to work with, that also suit the sense of quality that we were looking for. The material we have chosen is easy to care and the collaboration with Nevotex has worked well during the entire project. There has been a lot to choose from in style and material that contribute to develop our concept and it feels good to have chosen the right ones. ”  

/Helena, interior designer @Hedda interior

CUSTOMER: Hedda Interior AB

RESTAURANT: Blackstone Steakhouse
MATERIAL: Icon (a fire resistant fabric velvet )  &  Rodeo (a soft fabric and leather imitation)